Lady Woolthief, once a mid-18th century sheep-stealer, now dwells in the body of a spirited millennial from Colorado Springs. Ahead of her time when it came to women’s rights, Lady Woolthief supported herself (and her sheep) by selling obnoxious hats to high society. Little Bo Peep never found out the posh, flowery bonnet she sported was crafted by the same woman who lured her sheep away every night.

Most of Lady Woolthief’s hats are decorated with upcycled materials found at thrift stores, giving them a unique eclectic flare. Since it’s launch in September 2016, Obnoxious Hats by Lady Woolthief has sold over 50 full-size top hats between Etsy and several events, including GalaxyFest where prominent body painting artist and Skin Wars contestant, Mythica von Gryffin, featured Lady Woolthief in a video blog that has been viewed over 1500 times. Lady Woolthief also won Best Booth at Old Colorado City’s Mad Hatter Saturday – 2017. Lady Woolthief has enjoyed every moment of this adventure (except for the paralyzing twenty-four hours she spent trying to understand sales tax).

When Lady Woolthief isn’t hard at work on her hats, she can be found cuddling her sheep dogs, Lily and Luna, or brainstorming their newest couple’s cosplay with her gentleman, Lord Feldari.

As of November 1st, 2017, Obnoxious Hats by Lady Woolthief will have it’s first store front at Wilderness Treasures Thrift Shop (booth mm0006). Check out the video below for more information on Lady Woolthief and her obnoxious hats.

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