Paper Flowers by RevitalisedDesigns

From the Etsy Shop:

Used and pre-loved items made new again.

Why It Caught Lady Woolthief’s Eye:

Tired of getting the book lover in your life a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas? RevitalisedDesigns revitalizeddesigns3takes treasured books and twists the pages so they can be cherished in a unique and decorative fashion. Creating beautiful paper flower bouquets with second hand novels, RevitalisedDesigns offers dozens of popular titles to choose from including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Pride and Prejudice. Pages come tinted or with original coloring, and all seem to be made with a delicate touch.

RevitalisedDesigns doesn’t stop at paper flowers. Coasters, picture frames, and ornaments can all receive the novel treatment. Check out their Etsy Store to see their entire selection. Can’t find the book you’re looking for? Just email and ask — they take custom orders!








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From the Etsy Shop

To ensure that mail and packages are delivered in time, I will be working non stop on making your jewelry and doing my best to ship it out asap.

Please remember that I work alone and I’m the only member and designer of this shop, I make everything by hands, with great attention to the details and a big passion, only for you. ♥.

Why It Caught Lady Woolthief’s Eye

With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them around the corner, and Christmas around that corner, Wizarding World-themed jewelry is a good bet to please any Harry Potter fan. Enter L’Acchiappasogni’s quirky, delightful designs. Priced at under $20, L’Acchiappasogni’s Harry Potter designs are surprisingly detail-oriented for being so small, and a lot of fun. How adorable is that mini-acceptance letter found inside the delivery owl’s envelope? On top of that, L’Acchiappasogni offers necklaces and bracelets from a variety of other fandoms, all equally as charming as her Harry Potter collection. The shop is based in Italy, so place your orders soon to make sure they get to you or your loved one by Christmas.




Peruse her entire selection here.

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Gowns and Corsets by desree10

One fine garment can make or break a wardrobe. Lady Woolthief found her Wine and Gold Renaissance Gown in 2015 and has spent frivolous amounts of time since then dressing up in it. Parties, cons, art-walks, renaissance festivals, Halloween, balls, flittering around the house… there are endless occasions to flaunt a gorgeous, well-made dress.

Designed by desree10 on Etsy for a ridiculously reasonable price (under $150! What?!),  Lady Woolthief has been so pleased with her gown, she is considering purchasing another. If she could afford it today, this ornate, richly-colored blue number would be her selection. (As she types this, Lady Woolthief is imagining  all manner of excuses to put it on her credit card…)

desree10 sells both pre-made and custom gowns. Lady Woolthief can personally attest to the quality, swiftness, and beauty of desree10’s work.

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Instant Good Vibes

From The Etsy Shop

Instant Good Vibes believes in spreading love and positive vibes in your life through quality modern and unique art print posters. Ranging from posters, graphic t-shirts to mugs, choose from our wide range of collection to perfectly fit you interior needs at a highly affordable price. If you have any questions, we are just an e-mail away 😀

Why It Caught Lady Woolthief’s Eye

igv1Instant Good Vibes came to Lady Woolthief’s attention by way of the splendid tradition known as birthday presents. She excitedly tore her way through wrapping paper, box, and bubble wrap to find a nicely sized coffee mug. “Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do,” it read – a motto Lady Woolthief, on the verge of embarking on this new business venture, wholeheartedly embraced. (Leslie Knope, if you do not know, is the feminist hero of Parks and Recreation, and the future president of the United States. Please stop reading now and go binge watch the entire show on Netflix or Hulu.)

After excitedly guzzling down several mugs of coffee, Lady Woolthief hopped online to look up the Etsy store that had made this stupendous, sturdy, studly mug, and was beyond pleased to find Instant Good Vibes offered a wide variety of goodies to suit the tastes of fandoms across the board.

Here are a few of Lady Woolthief’s favorites:


Peruse their entire selection here.

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