Doctor Who Inspired TARDIS Full Sized Top Hat

This Doctor Who inspired top hat is sure to be a hit at cosplaying events and with other Whovians. It prominently displays the TARDIS going between two dimensions. The vibrant galaxy fabric, which fully lines the hat, will catch people’s attention from across the room. It features several references to the show: the Police Box ribbon at the base of the hat, the time lord clock, the weeping angel, the disappearing bees, and the Bad Wolf graffiti. The top light comes to life with LED candles and silhouettes the items inside the box. Along with the hat, you will receive 4 back up LED lights and 2 feet of hat foam tape so you can size it to perfection. This hat has a little bit of weight on it due to the blue box on top.

Currently, there are two already made to be sold. After that they will be made to order and can be customized to your taste (for the cost of materials – please message with any questions). Slight variations in fabric placement may occur.


You can find it here.

The Police Box Die-Cuts are made by WankyWoodShop and can be found here:

The Police Box Ribbon is made by fancy paper and can be found here:

The Weeping Angel Charms are made by fweerowkerkww and can be found here:

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