Fairy Dreamscape Top Hat – LIGHTS!

What is this weirdness? Why, it’s a fairy on top of a hill… on top of a top hat! With a well! And fairy lights!

If you want a completely unique, different hat to wear to your next event (that can double as a decoration in your house) then this is the hat for you! Wearing it is not for the faint of head/neck as it weighs almost 2 lbs and stretches about 10 inches tall. It is a stunner, though!

A hidden battery pack in the back controls the lights and Velcro makes it easy to change batteries. An electronic tea candle sits in the well and adds an extra layer of light. The top hat is approximately 25 1/2 inches around, which will sit on most heads. Size it to perfection with the 2 feet of hat foam tape included with each purchase.

This is a one-of-a-kind, handmade Lady Woolthief original!

Check it out here!


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