Movie Micro-Teasers


Movie Micro-Teasers: A Short History of Trailers to Promote… Longer Trailers


Where once movie studios released 90 second teaser trailers to ramp up excitement for full-length trailers, they are now releasing 15 second micro-teasers to ramp up excitement for teaser trailers.

Lady Woolthief’s Take

Those who feel teasers for teaser trailers are wholly superfluous and silly have a right to their feelings… especially because those feelings are right. However, superfluous and silly things can be a lot of fun. Teasers for teaser trailers whet the appetite of those fans anxious for a glimpse at a project they may have invested a lot of emotional energy in, while those who have little or no interest can easily ignore them. No harm done.

Lady Woolthief is far more perturbed by the trend of monetizing trailers, teaser trailers, and even teasers for teaser trailers on video sharing platforms. One should not have to sit through a commercial to watch what is, essentially, a commercial. That is an example of something superfluous and silly that is not fun.


Teasers for teaser trailers are stupid, but fun. Commercials on teasers for teaser trailers, teaser trailers, or good ole full-length trailers are bad form.
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