Paper Flowers by RevitalisedDesigns

From the Etsy Shop:

Used and pre-loved items made new again.

Why It Caught Lady Woolthief’s Eye:

Tired of getting the book lover in your life a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas? RevitalisedDesigns revitalizeddesigns3takes treasured books and twists the pages so they can be cherished in a unique and decorative fashion. Creating beautiful paper flower bouquets with second hand novels, RevitalisedDesigns offers dozens of popular titles to choose from including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Pride and Prejudice. Pages come tinted or with original coloring, and all seem to be made with a delicate touch.

RevitalisedDesigns doesn’t stop at paper flowers. Coasters, picture frames, and ornaments can all receive the novel treatment. Check out their Etsy Store to see their entire selection. Can’t find the book you’re looking for? Just email and ask — they take custom orders!








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